Life after Lockdown – Our Own Business Predictions

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

There’s little doubt that COVID19 has caused seismic changes in our lives; both in how we engage from human to human; but also, in how we’ll operate as business owners and employees.

At Longhurst, we genuinely believe that life after lockdown will see a significant rise in the demand for the services that we offer.

Our article today explains why.

Longhurst - Life after Lockdown

Life, but not as you previously saw it

Have your eyes been opened to a way of living, and indeed working, that you now prefer?

Reduced commuting.

A slower way of life.

More time with those you love.

Enjoying pastimes and hobbies.

Perhaps starting new ones.

Do you want to lose this way of life?

What would you be prepared to do to retain it?

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, but is it financially affordable

Whether it is changing employer; or reducing your hours; or making the decision to completely stop (and pivot), the overriding question will always be: Can we afford it?

Understanding the true impact of any work/life change will require you to understand how your income, budget, costs, investments, and assets, fit together to support such a change.

This is where a plan is required. One that has been built with your life in mind.

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, but not with that person anymore

The sad reality is that life during lockdown will see the rise in couples separating and potentially divorcing.

This will see folk move home and starting the next phase of their life somewhere new.

Advice surrounding finance and capital raising will be required.

Understanding how to fairly split up assets will need to be explored.

Ensuring any children are protected, both emotionally, and financially.

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, but with more control

Anxiety levels rising due to concerns about money.

Fears for your family’s financial future if something dreadful was to happen to you.

Sheer panic when you see your investment portfolio drop by 20%.

You want more control over these feelings. You want assurances that everything will be ok.

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, but with a more resilient business

Your business has survived COVID. Perhaps it has even thrived.

Events have given you the shake-up that you needed; a reminder that preparation is key; with greater clarity on what needs to be done to ensure you achieve all that you want to achieve.

Making sure your business plan is adaptable and robust is key. Ensuring you have a personal plan aligned with this business plan has become even more essential.

Remembering, a business plan without a personal plan is pointless.

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, with a slight difference

We have evolved, haven’t we? All of us.

From how we shop.

To how we physically and visibly see our family and friends.

To how we work.

We need to be more efficient with how we do things. Quicker perhaps in our ability to change.

Having the confidence that our financial base is protected such that, if we encounter another COVID-type world changer, we know we are going to be ok.

Financial planning provides the key.

Life, but one where we are more connected

A stronger neighbourhood community.

A more resilient and deeply connected business community.

Sharing your story and experiences with others.

Making sure you take time to listen to what others are saying.

And being brave enough to engage in open conversations with your trusted professional advisers.

A deeply personal and trusted relationship with your financial planner provides the key.

Life, but with more optimism

At Longhurst we believe great financial planning can really change your life.

That great financial planning can provide you with the confidence you need to make those big decisions.

That great financial planning can instigate the life change you have yearned for.

We believe great financial planning is the difference between an ok life, and an amazing one.

And that the enemy that we call COVID19, may have just provided you with the light-bulb moment you have been waiting for.

Financial planning provides the key. And we are the gatekeepers.

The team at Longhurst are here to help should you want to open the door.