How to travel without leaving your home

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

Believe me when I say that the need for a holiday has never been more relevant. Itchy feet are prominent, we’re all thinking back to our holidays of the past and longing for the next one.

I’m using this time to indulge in planning my next trip, down to the finest details – a process which I derive much joy from. We’ve also been revisiting our travel albums and have printed and displayed our family travel pics.

In the meantime, to get our travel fix, I’ve rounded up the best ways that we can travel to our favourite destinations from the comfort of our own homes.

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Virtual Technology

To help keep the travel dream alive, a lot of destinations are setting up virtual ways to visit their incredible sights and attractions. From an interactive ride on a Santa Cruz rollercoaster Santa Cruz to watching live wildlife Safari tours in South Africa Safari it’s never been easier to check out your favourite hot spots.

A personal favourite of mine, is to tune in to Live Webcams from around the world Live Webcams. Seeing sites such as Hollywood Boulevard and NYC Times Square completely deserted is remarkable and something we’ll probably never see again.

I’ve also taken to doing virtual tours of places I’d like to visit Baros – Maldives, taking in the views from the beach-decks, having a virtual walk along the beach… Along with revisiting my favourites Mauritius and remembering the joy of catamarans, cocktails and Giant Tortoises.

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Get Your Read On

A good book is a cure for most things, so grab a travel-inspired piece and settle down for the day in a cosy corner in your home. From The Good Girls Guide To Getting Lost to The Beach or even Land Of Lost Borders: A Journey On The Silk Road, a book can be just the thing to help fill your escapism need and bring some inspiration to your next travel destination.

Travel Shows

Watching anything that has a travel theme has become something of a necessity in our household. We’ve been enjoying ‘Race Across the World’ and watching as couples try to get certain points in the world without flying, making sure to hit checkpoints along the way. There are some incredible movies too that truly inspire travel. Such as ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, ‘Wild’ and ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

All these various examples remind us of the incredible and diverse landscape of this beautiful planet and fuel our desire to see it for ourselves.

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Happy Adventures!