What’s a Charitable & Good-Giving Adviser?

Lauren Janus – Charitable & Good-Giving Adviser

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of a charitable & good-giving adviser?

Okay, that’s not exactly an unusual response.

Lauren Janus - Longhurst

Here in the UK there are only a handful of us, and we all work in different ways. The one thing we have in common is that we help individuals or families create intentional, meaningful charitable giving plans.

Here’s an idea of what I mean:

High Street

Imagine you’re walking down the street and a highly enthusiastic young man in a red rain coat jumps into your line of sight an asks/shouts: “Do you have 5 minutes to help the homeless?!”

You’re a good person. You care about others, you recycle and you always return your shopping trolley. How can you avoid this energetic youth without feeling the slightest bit selfish?

I mean, of course you have 5 minutes if it means helping people who don’t have roofs over the heads …

Your Plan

Now imagine that you’re in this same situation, but this time, you and your partner have just completed a charitable giving plan.

The two of you have sat down and talked about the issues and charities important to you.

Perhaps you’ve worked with a charitable giving adviser like me to really understand the issues you’re passionate about – be they stopping elephant poaching in Africa or supporting local disadvantaged youth.

We’ve chosen a few charities who’s work excites and empowers you, and you’ve planned your gifts to them, as well as a few one-off gifts to specific charities you like to support each year.

Now, when this nice young man asks if you’d like to become a monthly donor to his charity, you can politely and confidently say something like this:

“Thank you for asking. But our family’s charitable giving plan is supporting other issues this year.”

How does that feel?

Doing good feels good doesn’t it? Knowing you’re helping others. Or a community. Or a species of animal.

The challenge for some of us is where to start. The high-street guy in the red coat? A television programme written to work on our emotions?

Or to engage with someone who can help you build your own plan; a charitable and good-giving plan designed around how you feel, and how you see the world.

If the latter sounds a little more to your liking, then you’re in luck. Because that is exactly what I do.

I help build charitable plans tailored around your household.

Next Steps

If you’d like to start a conversation about your charitable and good-giving plans, please contact me at hello@Longhurst.co.uk.

We will then arrange a time to speak over the telephone to explore your ideas and hopes further.

I’ll then explain how we would work together and any associated costs.

You are then free to engage in the service, or not.

Legal Notice

Lauren is not employed by Longhurst Limited. Lauren Janus owns Thoughtful Philanthropy Limited. Please click here for more information.

Longhurst Limited does not accept any legal or financial responsibility for the services Lauren Janus or Thoughtful Philanthropy Limited provides.

Charitable and Good-Giving services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.