Tech we love to use

Longhurst is a business that has a natural niche advising those working in the tech, innovation, and high-growth sectors.

As a business, internally we are technology focussed, bolting in a wide range of software solutions designed to simplify the lives of our clients; our team; and to ensure our systems and processes are as seamless as possible.

Today’s article is to purely outline which bits of kit we use, and why.

Tech we love to use

Day-to-day operations

  • Google G-Suite – all encompassing ranging from Gmail; Drive; Calendar; Video conferencing; internal team instant chat; Docs (like word); Sheets (like excel). Live updates. Quick. Where has this been all our lives?!
  • Xero – accountancy software; making tax digital very simple for us.
  • ReceiptBank – submitting business invoices and receipts electronically; reducing time.
  • GoCardless – for clients to set up standing orders for our services; quick and easy.
  • Calendly – function for clients/professional partners to book meetings with our team.

Data Security

  • LastPass – no need for password spreadsheets anymore; a must for all businesses.
  • StayPrivate – secure emailing at it’s finest; low cost and GDPR perfect.

Client Facing

  • Voyant – lifetime cashflow forecasting tool; enabling us to demonstrate to clients the steps they need to take to achieve and then maintain financial independence.
  • Timeline – sustainable income withdrawal tool; enabling us to help clients visualise probable income/lifestyle outcomes in retirement.
  • Deposit Sense – excellent cash management research tool we use to source the best interest-bearing bank and savings accounts.
  • Zoom – even though we have Google Hangouts, our favourite video conference tool is still Zoom; just don’t tell Google 😉
  • VidYard – coming to our clients in the future; a simple way to record personalised messages.

Content Marketing

  • MailChimp – newsletter production and distribution platform; low cost and easy to use.
  • Buffer – automate your social media posts through this platform; covers LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • HaikuDeck – no more boring PowerPoint presentations.

Inside Silverstone Podcast

  • Dropbox – to share episode content with our team; ready for their production work.
  • Libsyn – podcast platform from where we share our amazing interviewees to the world.
  • Audacity – audio platform to fine tune some our solo recordings.

As you can see, we use quite a lot of tech and software in the running of our business and world-famous podcast (well, nearly world famous).

Some of these integrate into G-Suite, some do not. However, the use of all has significantly reduced the time we spend running day-to-day operations.

We also know, from their feedback, that our loyal clients also see value, especially from the Client Facing kit we use.

The next step is to find a CRM tool that combines everything together ….. now that would be a fantasy come to reality. Time will tell!