Michelle visits Alaska!

Our wonderful Michelle (Client Support) has just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska. And how very jealous we all are!

In Michelle’s words:

Having flown into Vancouver, we then set sail visiting various places in Alaska, including Juneau, Skagway & Ketchikan.

One of the most memorable moments was visiting Glacier Bay, which was absolutely stunning. Even the rangers on board stated our timing was very good, in that we had visited on one of the best days weather wise, with beautiful clear blue skies. The scenery was spectacular.

When we arrived in Juneau we were lucky enough to see some humpback whales, with the pod swimming within a few feet of our boat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t grab my camera in time, so missed out on taking some snaps 🙁

The highlight of our trip was bear watching in Ketchikan. We observed a big old brown bear for what seemed like an age, mostly from a viewing platform, where we eventually got to see him do what bears do best – catching a live salmon and then gobbling it up before another bear came along! Simply amazing.

All in all, we have a wonderful trip. Alaska has been on my bucket list for years, and now I can tick if off. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who loves clear skies, nature, and the occasional grizzly.

I’m now planning my next trip away and will tell you all about it in a future #LifeAtLonghurst article.

Michelle Harvey - Alaska