Financial expert by profession, Tech geek by nature

A recent article posted on the Silverstone Technology Cluster website.

Chris Broome - Longhurst - Tech geek

Introducing Chris Broome FPFS, owner and chartered financial planner of STC member firm ‘Longhurst’

As a brand-new member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster I’ve thought long and hard about what my company’s inaugural website article would be. It’s an important decision to make, as, for most of you reading this article, it will be your first introduction to both Longhurst, and I.

As a firm who specialise in combining inspirational lifestyle financial planning with expert independent financial advice, we could choose to behave like most ‘financial advisers’ and write somewhat predictable articles about financial products; or about pensions; or about tax planning; or maybe about the importance of working with chartered financial planners.

But how boring would that be, right?

So instead, and having spoken to Pim about this beforehand, I’ve decided to break from the norm of my profession, and instead write an article about how much of a tech geek I, not so secretly am. I even asked my wonderful partner, Louise, to take these embarrassing pictures of me at home …….. you can imagine her laughter.

The truth is this. Yes, I’m a financial expert, and a meticulous one at that, but at heart, and I mean, really at heart, I’m a gamer and tech fan. Growing up I was very lucky to have an elder brother who loved computer games. My first memory was playing Pong, then playing on his Atari, and then his Amiga. Then, on my 10thbirthday, I was given a Sega Master System 2. I never looked back from there. Today I’m a PS4 man, and dare I say, an occasional Fortnite player (with both my nephew, and brother). Please do not judge me.

I love computers, and computer software. I’m an Apple user since I can remember. And I love gadgets. I’m fascinated by the rate of tech growth (attune to Moore’s Law). I’m excited about what the future holds for humanity, and of course, for gaming!

Alongside my marketing team I built most of the Longhurst website. I also produced the core foundations of our video – ‘What does wealth mean to you?’. I taught myself how to code (in part), because many years ago, when I launched my first company, I couldn’t afford to employ a web-designer. So, I learned how to do it myself.

My love for tech also assists how Longhurst delivers its financial planning service to the clients and businesses we work alongside. We use lifetime cash-flow forecasting software (Voyant) with every piece of advice we give. We use a retirement planning tool (Timeline). We utilise video conferencing (Google Meet), meaning clients who can’t physically attend meetings can do so remotely. We use video functionality (Vidyard) to send short email messages, commentary, and visual notes. We even use e-signature software (Docusign), because we have an internal 2020 target to be completely paperless (in a financial services sector that loves printing paper). As and when new ‘financial advice’ tech comes to the market, I review and test it, then decide if we bring it in-house.

So, as you can appreciate, when I visited Silverstone Park for the first time, ahead of deciding where to locate Longhurst’s head office, I immediately fell in love. Not only because Louise and I recently moved to a village 2-minutes away. Not just because I’m a huge tech fan. But also because I love motorsport. Imagine a life where we work and build new commercial friendships at the home of British motorsport, surrounded by the tech, engineering and innovator niche that we serve. Hell yeah, where do I sign?!

So, we did, and here we are, with you. I’m proud to introduce both Longhurst and I. And it’s a privilege to be part of the Silverstone Park and STC community.

The process Longhurst follows to deliver financial advice is a little different to that of your traditional high street financial adviser; something I’ll write about in future articles. The way that we educate and support our clients is also a little different; again, something I’ll write about in due time.

For now, check out our website When you see me around the Park I’d love to get your feedback (both positive, and positive critique). I’m still learning and live by the motto that shared knowledge is the best form of knowledge.

Finally, and to conclude, in the coming weeks we are launching a new regional podcast, called Inside Silverstone, where I’ll be interviewing Silverstone Park and STC business owners and members, on both their personal, and business, journey to date.

More to follow on this, but if you’re interested in being one of our initial interviewees please drop me an email, or give me a call 07793 841654. We have big plans for the podcast, so the more help we get from the community, the better results it will have for all involved.