Molly Cameron

Life Transition & Performance Coach

The work bit

With a background combining degrees and qualifications in psychology, education and sports performance, Molly has over a decade of experience coaching and supporting business executives (inc Fortune 500 CEO’s), entrepreneurs, sports professionals (inc world champions), and their families, across the US, UK and Europe.

Where appropriate, Molly will help our clients to establish what their life goals are, and how (if applicable) this may be impacting their relationship with money. This may be for those who are encountering a life transition (such as bereavement or divorce), or who are faced with a challenging career situation (such as growth or development hurdles).

The real-life bit

Outside of work Molly is busy supporting her children through education and university, and renting her home out on occasion for a famous TV show (ask her when you speak). She also enjoys travelling, which has become second nature due to the destinations her work takes her.