Lauren Janus

Good-Giving Planner

The work bit

Lauren is a charitable adviser passionate about helping Longhurst clients get the most joy out of their giving. She has spent in excess of 15 years collaborating with both US and UK charities, working on issues as diverse as loneliness in old age, through to climate change and the future of our planet.

Lauren uses her deep understanding of the charity sector, alongside an attention to detail research process, to help our clients develop their own charitable and good-giving plans, no matter the size of a household’s donating ability. Every penny counts, so her focus is to ensure you are both proud and empowered by the giving decisions you make.

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The real-life bit

Lauren can most often be found chasing after her two young sons, both of whom seem to have an inexhaustible source of energy that ought to be harnessed by science.

Fortunately, she’s a keen runner, whilst also a keen chef – sharpening her culinary skills alongside her (usually) willing husband.

Lauren Janus - Longhurst