The River Keeper

No matter how long or how eager you look forward to having your own children, or even grandchildren, nothing prepares you for the actual experience.

It will ultimately change the way you look at your life, especially the way the rest of yours might affect theirs. It will with high probability change how you view the term ‘wealth’.

Of course, you have to be careful not to let your wealth, or indeed your good intentions, weaken those you love. You must ensure they stand on their own two feet, and make sure they find their own way in the world.

But you want to help protect their financial futures. So, rather than looking at money as a limited resource, the main issue of which is when will it  be used up, you now begin to think of your wealth as a river, capable of growing deeper and much wider as it flows downstream to the next generation.

You come to the conclusion that wealth is not purely trans-generational, it is multi-generational. And that is a powerful realisation. So very powerful.

So you, the parent or grandparent, become the river keeper. You do not worry about which tech stock is about to burst, or concern yourself with a certain American President.

This is because you have the foresight to see that you no longer own the river, you are merely its steward.

You’ll draw water from it from time to time, enjoy bathing in it when the sun is shining, and even share some with your community, but you’ll be conscious to preserve it, and allow it to grow, so that one day your children’s children are tending to it for their own grandchildren.

At Longhurst we agree with this approach, so much so that we provide a family office service that is designed to enable you to successfully manage your wealth. We call this service Legacy®

Our Legacy® service provides you with the right tools to truly understand how a river keeper must act if you are to enable your river to widen and deepen down to your children’s children.

Legacy® includes us collaborating with your other trusted advisers, or you working with our panel of family office experts, covering areas such as family trusts, legal, tax, philanthropy, and potential interests in more than one country.

Longhurst - Legacy Family Office

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