My Why

Sian Pages

Adventure/Travel Planner

I have always enjoyed talking to people; listening to their stories; and learning about their lives.

I went to university later in life as I didn’t really figure out what I wanted to do until I did a foundation degree in healthcare. It was then that I decided I would work as a podiatrist.

I spent 10 years working passionately for the NHS; investing lots of time and energy into my role and focusing all my energy on helping my patients. Then, as time went on, the role changed, and before I knew it resources were cut, and the time given to each patient was dedicated more towards paperwork than towards making a difference.

I found that in order to provide a service I was happy with, I had to take my work home. My health began to suffer greatly, as did my personal relationships. My work/life balance was non-existent.

I began to realise that something dramatic had to change. So, I took a couple of weeks off to really think about what truly made me happy, and what I concluded was that I felt most free and happy when I was exploring …. and I mean exploring the world.

I absolutely loved the organization surrounding our trips abroad, where I would create comprehensive but very exciting itineraries for my family and I to follow. This also included helping friends with their travel plans. And so, without realising it before, I had already found my passion.

With this in mind I made the decision to leave a job at the NHS and embarked on a new professional career path.

My decision has resulted in be being happier, and healthier. I now direct my energy into making sure my clients are well looked after with their holiday requirements.

What’s my why? With a focus on building long-term relationships, I’m able to learn and understand what type of holiday and travel planning each household requires. And in exchange, I get to see their wonderful photographs and hear about the new memories they’ve created.

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