Lucy Byrom

Operations Manager

The work bit

Lucy is an experienced operations and office manager, with a demonstrated history of working at the highest levels within the financial planning space. Her day-to-day role will including overseeing and improving our client-focused processes, internal document and risk management, and the evolvement of our back-office systems and growing technology stack.

Working directly alongside each member of the team, Lucy’s main objective is to help us all focus on doing what we love doing – namely, delivering life changing outcomes for the households who trust us to be their financial steward.

The real-life bit

When Lucy is not sat in front of spreadsheets and crunching data, she spends all of her time with her beautiful son, Hunter, her Borgi puppy (half corgi, half border collie), Benji, and of course her wonderful fiancé, Paul, where they are busy planning their wedding in Cyprus for July 2023!

Lucy Byrom - Longhurst