In episode #39 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Session #3 named ‘The Future of Mobility.’

We are joined by Chris Kirby (Tomorrow’s Journey); Luke Rust (Immense Simulations); Mike Hayward (Woodfines Solicitors); and Sally Povolotsky (Straight6Designs).

Here we talk through:

1. Adoption (customer demand) vs supply (how quickly can they build them) vs infrastructure (how quickly can we support the charging).

2. How do we bridge the ‘infrastructure gap’ and balance EV roll out with charge point deployment?

3. How excited should we be about autonomous vehicles? Does the general public want them?

4. When should we expect widespread electric vehicle adoption and what is driving that transition?

5. is Hydrogen the Hidden Gem?

6. Is no fossil fuel NEW cars by 2040 achievable in the UK?

7. Is building cars really sustainable – is there any way of improving the supply chain or is this just a fad and as carbon damaging as ICE?

8. Are our domestic laws keeping up with these innovative changes and do you anticipate seeing more criminal or civil court-cases?

A big thank you to the team at David Brown Automotive for hosting us. For those that haven’t visited their head office on Silverstone Park you can find more information here.

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