Louise Goodman - TV Journalist

In episode #64 your host, Chris Broome interviews Louise Goodman – Award winning TV presenter & Journalist; and also dubbed the First Woman of Formula One.

Listen as Louise talks us through an impressive motor-sport career; touching on roles at Jordan Grand Prix, ITV F1, British Touring Car, Le Mans, Goodwood Festival of Speed; plus life working alongside Eddie Jordan, Murray Walker, and many more F1 greats.

Louise then explains life today, including her growing media training business. She also provides some pearls of wisdom for those at the beginning of their career journey; plus is brave enough to share a hysterical embarrassing story ….

Chris Murdoch - Voyse

In episode #63 your host, Chris Broome interviews Chris Murdoch, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Voyse.io.

Listen as Chris walks us through his new venture, Voyse, which enhances how employer’s engage with, and recruit, new talent. It’s a simple yet engaging idea that leading firms are already using.

Chris also introduces his other businesses: Provide – a specialist tech recruitment agency; and Sportbuddy.io – a regional sports app connecting the local fitness community.

Leena Gade - Multimatic & Le Mans 24hr

In episode #62 your host, Chris Broome interviews Leena Gade – Multimatic Inc & the 1st Female Race Engineer to win Le Mans 24hr.

Listen as Leena walks us through her impressive engineering career; from Delta Motorsport; to Audi Sport; Bentley Motorsport; to present day Multimatic Inc; plus her recent appointment as President of the GT Commission.

Leena also takes us down memory lane; from winning Le Mans 24hr; to her earliest racing memories; to favourite circuits and race series; to modern E-Sports; and life working in a previously male-dominated sport.

Student to Digital Entrepreneur

In episode #61 your host, Chris Broome discusses the pathway from Student to Digital Entrepreneur with the University of Northampton.

Listen as ‘Digital Business degree’ department heads, Dilshad Sarwar and Patrice Seuwou, introduce their new 2021 course syllabus covering digital marketing, accounting & finance, business management, cyber security, and much more.

We also talk through remote learning during COVID19; life living and working in Northamptonshire; new technologies they’d like to see in the future; and the importance of communities like Digital Northampton.

Ian Cook - PopBangColour

In episode #60 your host, Chris Broome, interviews internationally renowned artist Ian Cook of PopBangColour.

Listen as Ian explains his journey into painting with radio controlled cars, actual car tyres and toy car wheel instead of paintbrushes.

Ian also talks us through his different projects; from breaking world records; to painting for Middle Eastern Royalty; to his current Crowdfunding continuous drawing book.

Steve Walsh - Jump Media Group

In episode 59 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Steve Walsh of Jump Media Group.

Listen as Steve talks through his impressive career, from world ranking GB gymnast; to Journalist; PR; and now founder of ‘Jump’.

Steve explains how his lessons in sport have transferred into business; and how they help companies create engaging and powerful content to increase brand awareness which in turn increases profitability.

In episode 58 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Harrison Goode of Edge Tech Headhunters.

Listen as Harrison talks Chris through all things Disruptive Technologies; Robotic Process Automation; Intelligent Automation; and ultimately how their recruitment company helps connect the dots between individual and business.

Harrison also talks through life within the tech community; meet up groups; collaboration; and networking. He also touches on what it’s like to launch a business in his 20’s alongside two friends.

Richard Collins - CSR Accreditation

In episode 57 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Richard Collins of CSR Accreditation.

Listen as Richard and Chris talk through all things Corporate Social Responsibility; Good and Bad examples; How to attract and retain the best workforce; and why companies should seriously consider getting accredited.

Richard also introduces a new Furloughing campaign which focuses on helping those on furlough (or working from home) to give back through giving up their time to help others perhaps less fortunate.

In episode 56 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Caroline Robertson, CEO of ActifHR.

Listen as Caroline and Chris talk through all things COVID19; job retention schemes, furloughing, and the importance of updating your contracts of employment.

They also talk Caroline’s 3 ‘R’s approach to successful Human Resources; good and bad examples of firms implementing HR; and what life’s like working and being part of the growing Silverstone Technology Cluster community.

Dan Roberts Cottons Accountants

In episode 55 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Dan Roberts of Cottons Chartered Accountants.

Listen as Dan and Chris talk through all things COVID19; including Government Grant support, Furloughing, Tax Deferment, and the pressures facing business owners today.

They also talk through life working in the Silverstone Technology Cluster; the importance of seeking out professional advice during moments like COVID19; and the importance of surrounding yourself with a trusted team of experts.

Mastermind Session 7 - Angela Cox Mindset Mentor

In episode #54 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Sessions #6 ‘Survive & Thrive during COVID19’ Joined by mindset expert and ‘Spears 500’ executive coach, Angela Cox, listen as they discuss the best techniques to embrace if you want to do more than just survive during the current COVID19 lockdown.

This includes:

  • What is the Change Curve, and where are you on it?
  • How to cope with understandable anxiety
  • Panic avoidance techniques
  • Self talk and its importance
  • Resilience and how to master it

Angela also talks us through us career; the types of business leaders and individuals she’s works alongside; and what it takes to be accredited with a global title such as Spears 500.

Mastermind Sessions #6

In episode #53 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Sessions #6 ‘Women in Motorsport

In partnership with Silverstone Park, and aired on International Women’s Day 2020, Chris is joined by:

  • Cristiana Pace – Formula One, Forumla E, Le Mans, GT, FIA
  • Louise Goodman – Award winning Jounalist & TV presenter
  • Lou Johnson – 1st female to win Motorsport photographer of the year
  • Clare Morden – Motorsport Doctor

A big thank you to the team at British Racing Drivers Club for hosting us.

#IWD2020 #BRDC

Mastermind Sessions #5

In episode #52 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Sessions #5 ‘Women in Engineering

In partnership with Silverstone Park, and in the run up to International Women’s Day, Chris is joined by:

  • Cristiana Pace – Formula One, Forumla E, Le Mans, GT, FIA
  • Kathryn Richards – Mercedes AMG Formula One
  • Leena Gade – 1st female race engineer to win Le Mans

A big thank you to the team at British Racing Drivers Club for hosting us.

#IWD2020 #BRDC

Mastermind Sessions #4

In episode #51 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Sessions #4Women in Technology

In partnership with Digital Northampton, and in the run up to International Women’s Day, Chris is joined by Dolores Sanders (TotalControlPro), Heather Cowley (Office of the Northamptonshire Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner), Rebecca Gill (VR Therapies), and Sally Povolotsky (EES Solutions).

A big thank you to the team at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub for hosting us. For those that haven’t visited their head office on Silverstone Park you can find more information here.

#IWD2020 #SSEHub

Tim Maccabee - Ducati UK

In our landmark 50th episode your host, Chris Broome, interviews Tim Maccabee, Managing Director of Ducati UK

Listen as Tim explains his two decade career at Ducati; his love for all things motorbikes, Moto GP, and British Superbikes; as well his experiences attending the Italian based World Ducati Week.

Tim also shares his passion for supporting the next generation, and how, alongside Gaia Innovation (episode #14), he’s encouraged other business leaders in the region to join arms and inspire local students to consider tech and engineering as a career pathway.

Matthew Haskins - Lotus Silverstone

In episode #49 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Matthew Haskins, Managing Director at Lotus Silverstone.

Listen as Matthew explains his journey spanning Arcadia Group, Land Rover, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati, to present day Lotus; and how today he runs one of the leading Lotus dealerships in Europe.

We also talk through Lotus’ growth plans under their new Chinese owner; what life is like working on Silverstone Park and now based out of shinny new premises; with Chris asking the most important of questions – are Lotus’s designed for the taller driver?!

Robert Cain - Blaser Mills

In episode #48 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Robert Cain, Partner at Blaser Mills.

Listen as Robert explains a legal career spanning all things biscuits and confectionary, commercial and brand protection, acquisitions and mergers, to motorsport team and driver strategy.

Robert also talks through a new global International Sports Network he is involved in; as well as reminiscing on what may be the best Embarrassing Mistake story to date …..

Jon Hilton Lunaz Design

In episode #47 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Jon Hilton, MD of Lunaz Design & STC Ambassador.

Listen as Jon explains his amazing career, from Rolls Royce, to Cosworth Racing, Arrows F1, Renault F1, and present day Lunaz Design.

We then discuss the fantastic restoration work Lunaz are doing, what he means by the phrase – ‘The Future of Classic is Electric’, the environmental impact our choices are having, and why mindset is the key difference between growth and restriction.

Digital Northampton

In episode #46 your host, Chris Broome, interviews David Bevan and Richard Beards from Digital Northampton.

Listen as David and Richard introduce the what/why/who/where of all things ‘DN’; digital focused events; membership; and their collaboration with the University of Northampton.

We also discuss local digital supply chain challenges; next generation planning partnerships with schools; and how they’re focused on developing closer relationships with communities like Silverstone Park.

Shai Vyakarnam

In episode #45 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Shai Vyakarnam, Entrepreneurship Mentor, and Ambassador for the STC.

Listen as Shai explains his fascinating career; from Founding Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning at Cambridge University; to Director at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at Cranfield University; through to present day Mentor.

Shai also explains his good-giving work in India; his involvement in a number of early start-ups; the books he has written to support business owners; and perhaps most importantly – why ‘purpose’ and ‘happiness’ are critical if you’re to be successful.

Richard Wiggins Pixel Creation

In episode #44 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Richard Wiggins, Founder of Pixel Creation, and Ambassador for the STC.

Listen as Richard introduces how Pixel are supporting local businesses with all things website design, user experience, brand identity, and digital strategy.

Richard also explains what ‘MK Geek Night’ is, why it was founded, and how Silverstone Park and STC member firms can get involved.

We conclude with a discussion on the importance of community, and how Richard hopes to create a platform to promote local culture.

Richard White Incentivesmart

In episode #43 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Richard White, CEO of tech business Incentivesmart.

Listen as Richard explains his career journey from events and hospitality; to becoming a winning entrepreneur on Dragon’s Den; to the launch of his latest tech business.

Richard then explains how Incentivesmart is helping to create better customer engagement and therefore more profit for the businesses it partners with; future growth plans; the importance of technology clusters; and why it’s critical to work alongside trusted professional advisers.

Ray Meadham - Multiview Media

In episode #42 your host, Chris Broome takes a slightly different approach and interviews the owner of a brand new start-up – Ray Meadham CEO of Multiview Media.

Listen as Ray introduces Multiview Media, how they’re going to change the way in which we all consume multi-angle media, and the famous names already expressing an interest in showcasing their back catalogues through the platform.

Ray also explains the life of a new start-up, the challenges faced, capital raising, the importance of technology parks, and how critical it is to have a trusted team of professional advisers around you.

Chris Gorne Envision Virgin Racing Formula E

In episode #41 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Chris Gorne – Technical Director – Envision Virgin Racing Formula E.

Listen as Chris explains his impressive racing career; from Reynard Racing, Audi Motorsport, F3000, Formula Ford, GP2, F3, BTCC, Le Mans, through to present day Envision Virgin Racing.

We touch on the genesis behind his passion for all things motorsport; early role models; the best and worst race wins; and his thoughts on the future of Formula E and racing in general.

We also touch on life living near the home of British motorsport; family; embarrassing stories; and his one life lesson to share.

This is an absolute belter of an episode to launch season three of the podcast – Enjoy!

Mastermind Sessions The Future of Mobility

In episode #39 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Session #3 named ‘The Future of Mobility.’

We are joined by Chris Kirby (Tomorrow’s Journey); Luke Rust (Immense Simulations); Mike Hayward (Woodfines Solicitors); and Sally Povolotsky (Straight6Designs).

Here we talk through a number of topics including:

  1. Adoption vs supply vs infrastructure
  2. How do we bridge the ‘infrastructure gap’?
  3. How excited should we be about autonomous vehicles?
  4. When should we expect widespread electric vehicle adoption and what is driving that transition?

In episode #38 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Debra Charles, CEO Novacroft, and former Westinghouse and Apple.

This powerful episode explores how kindness and caring has enabled Debra to develop a UK leading smart technology enterprise; connected to central Government; and empowering 100,000’s of UK citizens.

Debra also enthuses about ‘The Kindness Movement’, which is helping to change the lives of children all around the world.

On a personal note, this episode, and Debra, really struck a cord with the team at Inside Silverstone. The future is here, and it’s in our hands to ensure that humanity and being human remain at the forefront.

Chris Horton Performance Projects

In episode #37 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Chris Horton, MD of Performance Projects.

With the recent Silverstone Grand Prix still fresh in our minds, listen as Chris explains his journey from Cosworth Racing engineer to F1 Head of Track support, through to co-launching his own business.

Chris also touches on PP’s motorsport pedigree; their involvement in the electric vehicle and machinery space; and his family’s 3 generation connection with our world famous Silverstone Circuit.

Dolores Sanders Total Control Pro

In episode #36 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Dolores Sanders – Co Founder – Total Control Pro.

Listen as Dolores explains how their cloud-based solutuon is empowering both employees and management; the role of AI; and how she lives by the ‘3 C’s’.

We also talk through Dolores’s recent Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation award; the importance of female role models; and what it was like meeting the now ex-Prime Minister!

Mark Jenkins - Cranfield University

In episode #35 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Professor Mark Jenkins – Business Strategy & Formula One Expert – Cranfield University School of Management.

Listen as Mark talks all things F1; Bernie Ecclestone; Liberty Media; Aston Martin; Formula E; and the future of Silverstone Grand Prix.

Mark also explains the inner workings of Cranfield University; the courses available to take your business to the next level; and how they’re already embracing the digital future of tomorrow.

Mastermind Session

In episode #34 your host, Chris Broome, holds Mastermind Session #2 named Business Challenges: Addressing the Skills Gap.

We are joined by Jon Corbett (Barclays); Mark Clement (Grant Thornton); and Simon Arkell (EMW Law).

Here we talk through the common challenges faced when trying to recruit and retain a team capable of growing a business.

Steven McCarthy

In episode #33 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Steven McCarthy – Founder & MD of Mackart Additive.

Listen as Steven introduces us to the world of 3D printing (additive); the amazing things it can be used for; and how his business is delivering value to their loyal client base.

Steven talks through some of their exciting projects; whilst explaining the wide range of customer-types they support; and how life has been within the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

Clive Hartley Quarteere

In episode #32 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Clive Hartley – Founder of Quarteere.

Listen as Clive explains his creative journey from Porsche Design through to launching a consultancy business with superstar clients including Bentley and Lego (yes you’ve read that correctly).

Clive also talks to us about their involvement in the autonomous and EV spaces; and the importance of collaboration which has seen  a triathlon bike partnership with another STC member firm.

Andrew Grant Aylesbury Value Council

In episode #31 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Andrew Grant – CEO Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Listen as Andrew allows us to delve into the inner workings on the District Council; their innovative use of modern-day technology to improve our clients; and how they manage to deliver provable added-value on a tight budget.

Andrew also explains the Council’s involvement in the High Growth Corridor; why they chose to co-found the STC alongside the likes of Barclays and Grant Thornton; and what his hopes are for the future. He also shares an embarrassing memory as a young housing officer which dare we say is a little racy …..

Dominic Hopkins Hewitsons

In episode #30 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Dominic Hopkins – Partner, Head of Dispute & Litigation – Hewitsons.

Listen as Dominic shares his journey from the bright lights of Hong Kong to the countryside of Northamptonshire; explaining what makes Hewitsons a top legal firm to work for; and how their approach to collaboration is helping their clients.

Dominic also talks through life living in the region; the importance of the Growth Corridor, and why preparation is key when presenting to your peers!

Jon Corbett Barclays

In episode #29 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Jon Corbett – Director & Regional Head of SME’s – Barclays Bank.

Listen as Jon explains how Barclays add value ‘Beyond Banking’, including their involvement with the STC; their Eagle Labs; and the growing success of their regional eco-systems.

Jon also explains his involvement with SEMLEP and the Midlands Engine Investment Fund; as well as his love for Derby County .. just don’t mention the play-off final to him!

Luke Rust Immense Solutions

In episode #28 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Luke Rust, Head of Commercial Development at Immense Simulations.

Listen to an insightful discussion on all things mobility; Luke’s vision on how technology will enhance all of our lives; and how Immense Simulations are creating the solutions to enable this future.

Luke also talks through the companies experiencing of raising capital; as well as what life was like for him growing up in the beautiful countryside that is South Northamptonshire.

Tom Haywood Foresight Group

In episode #27 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Tom Haywood, Investment Manager at Foresight Group.

Tom talks us through how private equity works; what investment managers do to help businesses secure capital; and how STC member firms are already benefiting.

He also explains his love for all things tech and innovation; and the career journey he’s been on to help business scale up and grow.

Colin McGrory Silverstone

In episode #26  your host, Chris Broome, interviews Colin McGrory from Sandwell UK.

Listen as Colin explains the fascinating journey from partnering up with the legend that is Sir Jackie Stewart to launch Stewart Grand Prix; through to running a market leading engineering business and being a well known figure within the Silverstone community.

Colin also shares his memories of 3 decades of Formula One and British racing; his original desire to be in a rock band; and how meeting a racing icon once caught him short of something to say …

Tobias Knichel Punch Flybrid Silverstone

In episode # 25 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Tobias Knichel – MD of Punch Flybrid.

Listen as Tobias explains his journey from native Germany and the home of Mercedes and Porsche, to the rolling countryside of south Northamptonsire and Silverstone the home of British motorsport.

Tobias also explains what flywheel technology is; how it will enhance an electrification led future; and how the Silverstone Technology Cluster community can play a key role.

Grant Lockhead - OBP Motorsport

In episode #24 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Grant Lockhead – MD – OBP Motorsport.

Listen as Grant explains the 3 main divisions of OBP; their wide range of engineering services; and their involvement with world leading super car manufacturers.

Grant also explains the importance of strategic partnerships, including VUHL; Mini Challenge UK; and the British Drift Championship.

James Southall Hexegic

In episode #23 your host, Chris Broome, interviews James Southall – Head of Risk at Hexegic.

Listen as James explains his journey from the war zone of Basra Iraq, to the tech-hub that is the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

James also talks us through how Hexegic are, with his understanding of risk management, helping STC and Silverstone Park SME’s with their cyber security needs.

Inside Silverstone Simon Dowson

In episode #22 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Simon Dowson , MD of Delta Motorsport.

Listen as Simon explains his Silverstone journey, from a boy helping his father; to learning his trade at Reynard Motorsport; through to launching one of the most respected businesses in the region.

Simon also explains the importance of autonomous collaboration; and the significance of being a ‘Face’ of the Vibrant Economy. We also touch on the importance of family, and the legacy one leaves behind.

Mastermind Sessions

In episode #21 your host, Chris Broome, holds the very first of a brand new initiative called, the Mastermind Sessions.

Here Chris will showcase the added-value each professional advice firm within the Silverstone Technology Cluster can provide to all members; including businesses; their owners; and their employees.

The overriding objective of the session will be for each expert to bring to the table ideas and methods that they would potentially recommend to help solve a specific challenge a business may be facing.

Mastermind Session #1 is called: Capital Raising for Dummies.

We are joined by Matthew Lawley (Barclays); Ryan Shields (Grant Thornton); Kirsty Simmonds (EMW Law); and Tom Haywood (Froesight Group).

Neil Morgan Danson Joseph

In episode #20 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Neil Morgan – MD of Good Fabrications & Danson Joseph – MD of Danecca.

Listen as they discuss all things fabrication across F1, Indy Car, Nascar; through to electric power supply chain and improving efficiency.

Neil & Danson also discuss the genesis of their collaborative partnership; life in Silverstone Park; and reflect on their most embarrassing professional mistake.

Anthony White Silverstone Composites

In episode #19 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Anthony White – Chairman Silverstone Composites.

Listen as Anthony explains his career journey from the heavily regulated world of financial services, to the pioneering and innovative world of the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

Anthony also discusses the importance of strategic partnerships; maintaining quality of service; and being brave enough to say no.

Anthony closes the show with a funny story involving hangovers and being mindful what you say in ear-shot of others.

Simon Arkell - EMW

In episode #18 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Simon Arkell – Principal EMW Law & STC Board Member.

Listen as Simon introduces what differentiates EMW from other law firms; the importance of positive corporate culture; and the journey he took from junior solicitor to principal of one of the regions’ top legal teams.

Simon also talks all things Silverstone Technology Cluster; life living in South Northamptonshire; and how a train ride home from London didn’t quite work out how it was supposed to …..

Neil Patterson - Silverstone UTC

Welcome to the Inside Silverstone™ podcast, season two!

In episode #17, your host, Chris Broome, interviews Neil Patterson, Principal of Silverstone University Technical College, and former Chief Engineer of Mclaren Automotive.

Listen as Neil explains his career journey from apprentice, to Chief Engineer at Mclaren Automotive, and then to Principal of our regions premier technical college.

Neil talks through the challenges the UTC (and all schools) face; how their partnership with the Silverstone Technology Cluster is bridging the gap between employer and student; and how, many years ago, a slip of the tongue embarrassingly caught him out in front of one of his automotive icons.

Inside Silverstone Podcast - Chris Broome

In a special Christmas Eve episode #15, your host, Chris Broome, draws Season One of the podcast to a close by reflecting on a successful 2018, which has seen the launch of his lifestyle financial planning business (Longhurst), and the launch of the Inside Silverstone Podcast.

Listen as Chris talks about what life’s really like within the Silverstone business community; his positive experiences to date; and his hopes for the future. He also provides thanks to two key individuals (Pim and Matt) whose support this year has been invaluable.

Then, as a bonus, we share a 10 minute group recording, hosted by Roz Bird, courtesy of a Christmas social event Longhurst organsied on Thursdy 20th December. We hope you enjoy!

In episode #14 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Julia Muir – Founder of Gaia Innovation, and Founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club.  

Listen as Julia explains how the ‘30% Club’ is taking giant strides towards having 30% of key automotive manufacturer leadership positions occupied by women by 2030; and how Gaia Innovation is focused on achieving the best employment destination for every child through positive interactions with local employers.

In episode #13 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Paul North, MD & Founder of Illuminis Insight Software.

Listen as Paul introduces their revolutionary ‘Octelas’ business intelligence software; explains what ‘data democracy’ is; and talks through the success they’re already experiencing following the Growth to Green business programme via Cranfield University.

Chris also quizzes Paul on his Pavarotti’esq tenor singing; as well as his competitive sailing which has seen one or two soggy conclusions.

In episode #12 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey.

Listen as Chris explains his vision of a neutral network for new mobility; how they’ve identified a gap in the B2B market; and how they’ve successfully navigated their first round of funding.

Chris also talks through his career journey to date; lessons learned along the way; and how the basics of opening a door once eluded him.

In episode #11 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Stuart Pringle, Managing Director, Silverstone Circuit.

Listen as Stuart talks all things Formula One and it’s future at Silverstone; the British Racing Drivers Club; and how, through the brand and heritage of Silverstone, it will soon be turned into one of the UK’s leading family destinations.

Stuart also reminisces on his earliest memories of motorsport; and about his career journey from Captain of a Royal Tank Regiment in the British Army, through to becoming MD at the home of British motorsport.

In episode #10 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Sally Povolotsky – Vehicle Development Director at Uniti.

Listen as they discuss all things electric and autonomous vehicles; geo-fencing; and how Uniti are embracing tech to shape the future of transportation.

Sally also discusses life working in the Silverstone motor-sport and business region; life at home; and how she shares Chris’ approach to social media.

In episode #9 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Ben Rossiter-Turner and Darren Kirk, from Virtually Entertained.

Listen as we discuss all things Esports, Sim Racing, Virtual Reality, and Live Broadcasting.

We also talk through their careers to date, and how they’ve ended up with some very famous clients, including the likes of McLaren, Petronas, Nissan, and Toyota. 

In episode #8 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Roz Bird, Commercial Director of MEPC Silverstone Park, and Chair of the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

Listen as Roz shares her vision for the ‘High Growth Corridor’; her experiences working alongside both Silverstone, Cambridge, and Oxford based businesses; and how her direct engagement with the government is starting to pay off.

Roz also shares what life is like living on the coast; her family life; and how a bad back nearly caused a stir in the Far East.

In episode #7 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Arno van Rooyen, Managing Director of Velocity IT. 

Listen as Arno talks all things process automation; digital transformation; business optimisation; and about his free download ‘Before Unleashing The Bots’.

Arno also talks about his life growing up in South Africa; his love of sport; and his journey from Southern Hemisphere to Northern.

Inside Silverstone John Kensett

In episode #6  your host, Chris Broome, interviews John Kensett – Partner, Intellectual Property & Patent Attorney.

Listen as John explains the process you need to follow to protect your businesses IP; why it’s important; and the actions leading brands are taking to ensure consumers are not mislead into purchasing inferior products.

John also explains his career to date; family life; and about his passion for amateur dramatics.

Inside Silverstone - Mike Dempsey

In episode #5 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Mike Dempsey, MD & Simulation Expert, at Claytex.

Listen as Mike talks all things F1; NASCAR; simulations; automotive modelling; and virtual reality.

Mike also explains his career to date; business lessons learned along the way; and why he chose to join the Silverstone business region.

Inside Silverstone - Mike Hayward

In episode #4 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Mike Hayward, Partner, Transport & Regulatory solicitor, at Woodfines LLP.

Listen as Mike explains how to ensure your business keeps its commercial vehicles (and drivers) on the road; explains some of the common pit-falls to watch out for when it comes to transport law; and the reasons why Woodfines committed to a membership within the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

You will also find out about Mike’s career to-date; his passion for supporting the next generation; life living and working in South Northamptonshire; and how a multi-pack of Twix chocolate bars nearly caused a scene in court.

Inside Silverstone - Tristan Allen

In episode #3 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Tristan Allen, Partner & Innovation Consultant at room44.co.uk.

Listen as Tristan discusses the future of innovation; how brands are attempting to evolve beyond the next 12 months; and how he helps businesses approach understanding what their end customer actually wants.

You will also find out about his career to-date; ranging from confectionery, automotive, and a brief stint as a chicken farmer. We also talk through life working in South Northamptonshire, and how it differs to his life growing up as a surfer on the south coast.

Inside Silverstone - Jean-Philippe Launberg

In episode #2 your host, Chris Broome, interviews Jean-Philippe Launberg, Managing Director of AutoStrat Consulting.

Listen as Jean discusses his thoughts on the future of electric and hybrid vehicles, and how advances in technology will lead to better driving experiences.

You will also find out about his global career working alongside some of the worlds biggest vehicle manufacturers; about his life in native Brazil; and why he moved his family to the United Kingdom.

Pim van Baarsen - Inside Silverstone

Welcome to the first ever Inside Silverstone podcast! Episode #1 sees your host, Chris Broome, interview Pim van Baarsen, CEO of the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

Listen as you learn what the Silverstone Technology Cluster is; who it serves; and their plans for the future.

You will also find out about life within the Silverstone business community; and how firms are commercially connecting to like-minded peers inside and outside of the region.

Inside Silverstone podcast
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