Week One – What a week!

Steve Hennessy – Chartered Financial Planner

What a week!

To say that the last seven days have been a bit of a whirlwind for me is something of an understatement.

Leaving aside the challenge of a second lockdown with two young children and an historic election eating into my sleeping pattern, I had the small matter of formally getting my feet under the desk at Longhurst.

Steve Hennessy - Chris Broome - Longhurst

This exciting new phase for me and my clients has been meticulously planned for over the past few months, and yet there is no small amount of trepidation as one makes the final leap.

Thankfully, Monday 2nd November 2020 was like any other day in many respects; catching up with clients, and speaking to Chris and the Longhurst Team to ensure all the systems and processes were purring away as they should be. Everything went very smoothly, and indeed this is no accident.

Having been in the profession for twenty years, and having run my own business for a decade, I took the decision to move after a lot of thought and due diligence.

My explicit priority was to join a firm where I could enhance my ability to advise and service the families that entrust me with their financial planning.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris for several years.  He has a stellar reputation within our profession, rightly so, and on top of that is, simply, a really nice bloke. He has two particular qualities that I think say a lot about him:

  1. he is generous with his time and advice – always happy to share ideas, best practice, and technical insight with his peers
  2. he is curious, and humble about what he knows and what he can still learn
  3. oh, and he likes Guinness

That third one can be quite useful after a long day at a conference on pensions and tax planning.

Knowing Chris as a friend first meant that I got to see ‘under the bonnet’ of Longhurst, so to speak, before it ever occurred to me that we might work together.  I had been inspired watching Longhurst flourish under Chris’ leadership since he started the firm.

Like me, he prides himself on making the financial lives of the families he serves as tidy, efficient, and secure as possible.  This frees them up to live their lives their way; confident and clear that their long-term financial security is assured.

He also shares my passion for running more than just a profitable business.  He wants to make a meaningful difference to the lives of his clients, his staff, and the communities that we work in.

He wants to excel and inspire in our profession.  It was, I guess, only a matter of time before our shared ethos led us to discuss the possibility of, and opportunities in, working together, and now here I am!

There is undoubtedly a lot of work to do, but I am full of energy and focus which is a testament to the culture at Longhurst.  I really am so excited to be here.

For now, I just want to thank Chris and the team for their support as I move my big size elevens into their well-ordered universe, and for prioritizing the financial wellbeing of my clients which is, after all, what we are all here for.

Finally, a humungous thank you to Daniela for making me the happiest man in the world, and to my two crazy, beautiful children, Rachel and Camilo, who are the reason I try my best every day.


Steve Hennessy - Longhurst